Friday, August 10, 2012

The most famous moment in hair history -Via: Style Noted

In 1967 Vidal Sassoon was filmed cutting Mia Farrow’s luscious long locks into a cropped pixie cut
for Roman Polanski’s new movie,Rosemary’s Baby. It was the most famous moment in haircut
history. It changed the perception of feminine beauty. The shortness shocked the world, but it was so
perfect for the time.
Prior to the 1960s, women’s hair was longer, and was almost always ‘set’ for hours at the salon.
Going short meant liberation from the salon and the set; and from the preconceived ideas of beauty.
Women could ‘do’ their hair faster, which was important for a new generation of workers and party
goers. It created an androgynous look that fitted the fashionable drift toward A-line dresses, military
inspired suits, and other aspects of mod.
A counterculture trend became an instant hit when Mia’s natural beauty –– wide eyes, angular
cheekbones, elegantly petite –– and film star allure inspired a new beauty consciousness. Hair and
fashion became intrinsically linked. Every woman wanted the power of transformation.
Hollywood still shows what a dramatic cut can do. How much did we know about Michelle Williams
before her luxurious crop? Today she is a paragon of style. Try a modern crop and you can be
instantly hip. Keep reading for notes on short hair cuts…

Step: A great crop cut accentuates the pretty form of the female head shape because it has head
hugging curvature. Talk to your stylist about putting these elements into your new look.
Step: If you are wowed by the softness, versatility, texture, and a sense of fluidity throughout the
shape, you know it’s a great cut.
Step: Styling short hair is where you can be most creative. It’s all about using your hands; you can
spike or slick, rumple or smooth, push it one way or the other; and you can change it up any time.
Step: Use hair creme for soft and playful ‘undone’ looks. Muss it up with texture paste. Create
contrast and separation with cream wax. Make it sleek with hair gel. Or shiny with pomade.

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