Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Girls with Curls

You twirl it, twist it, straighten it, and sometimes lop it all off and start over. 


Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of the every day, it’s easy for us ladies to feel like we are
neglecting our hair. Here are 10 quick tips on styling curly hair when you’re rushing out the door.

 Pull It Up

If you’re in an extra hurry, sometimes pulling the hair into a ponytail or updo is the best option. A
cute chignon is a great way to look fashionable and chic when you are crunched for time. 
Secure it with chopsticks or a flirty hair clip, let some of your curls hang loose, and you’ve got 
a fun hairstyle in a matter of minutes.

Another great option is to invest in hair pieces that you can attach to your ponytail. Hair pieces are
easy because they require no styling whatsoever, and they can cover the curls that you didn’t 
have time to style.

 Let It Go!

Perhaps the ponytail doesn’t suit you, or you prefer your hair to be loose and flowing. In that case, try
pulling your hair up into a bun on your way to work and then release it once you arrive at your
destination. Many times we wake up in the morning with bed hair that simply needs a quick run
through with the fingers in order to set it in place. Pulling the hair up in a bun will help literally pull it
together so that your hair will be manageable and ready to go once you release it.

 Style Your Hair At Night

Mornings are sometimes the most hectic. Kids are screaming for breakfast and the alarm clock is
buzzing incessantly, but the hair still cries for attention. Try styling your hair at night to make
mornings less frenzied. Perhaps your hair is too disheveled in the morning even after styling? In that
case, try misting your hair with water when you first wake up. This will reactivate the product that
you put in your hair last night. Your curls will wake up and be ready to go.

 Nocturnal Twisting

A great way to shape your hair is to do a twist out or braid it. Braids and twist outs maximize the
amount of curl or wave in your hair and are relatively easy to do. What’s the catch? Twist outs and
braids take time to properly shape the hair. However, the amount of time you spend sleeping is just
the amount of time you need for a braid or twist out. While you sleep, your hair will be shaping itself
for a brand new day. In the morning, simply pull the bands out of your hair and watch your gorgeous
curls unravel. Mornings are now effortless.

 Sleep on a Satin Scarf

If you decide to style your hair at night, you might be faced with bed hair in the morning. Cotton
pillow cases are generally rough on the hair, causing frizz and breakage. The solution is to wrap your
hair in a satin scarf or sleep on a satin pillowcase. Sleeping on satin will make your hair much more
manageable in the morning and decrease the time you spend on it. With a satin scarf or pillowcase,
you can style the hair at night and wake up with less frizz.

Is Your Hair Aging You?

Being overtressed can add more years than any wrinkle. 
Check out how loosening up their 'dos keeps these beauty icons looking forever young:

   We hardly knew ya when you transformed from Dawson's sweetie to Suri's mommy. 

 But all was forgiven with the bold bob and bangs. A tad sophisticated for 29 (and perhaps more
appropriate for 34-year-old BFF Posh), but a chic compromise nonetheless. 
 HAIR AGE: 34 


 Recipe for disaster? Faux tan exacerbated by matching copper wig. 

And it got worse with the platinum helmet. 

Just leave it alone and act your age (27), Jess. 
   A messy bird's-nest updo with limp and lanky tendrils obscures the 32-year-old 
stunner's famously chiseled features.

Sculpted waves, swept off her luminous face, balance the angles of her jawline, allowing 
her lips — ta-da! — to steal the spotlight. 

 Between the curves and killer Hollywood résumé, it's easy to forget she's just 23. 
But unless you're starring in a period film, why age yourself with a tightly coiled coif? 
 For non-costume affairs, we vote for natural curls.

... as a soccer mom. 
 But with a snip of her bangs, a flip of the ends, and a subtle streak of lowlights, 
the 32-year-old upgrades from soccer mom to supernova. 

Emmy Envy!

 Many of us watched the Emmy’s last night and while most were anticipating the award results, we
were really paying attention to the hair. Our favorite look was the maxi dress and cascading curls
combination that some of our favorite starlets wore. Gretchen Mol and Claire Danes chose an elegant
deep side part while Heidi Klum and Christina Hendricks opted for off center parts.


Julianne Hough danced into the limelight with a fantastic finger-wave,
inspired by the flappers of the 1920s. Polished and elegant, this asymmetrical, curly ‘do is a great way
to add visual interest to your hairstyle, while maintaining a special occasion, off the face look.
Chin-length styles are perfect to draw attention to cheekbones and chin, lips and eyes.

Step 1:
  To create this look at home, apply set and style spray to damp hair and blowdry 
loosely with hands.

Step 2:
 Mist dried hair with protective thickening lotion. Use a mid-size curling iron to 
curl hair and use pin curl clips to pin curls to head.

Step 3:
  Allow hair to cool, or blast cool with cool air from dryer. Release pin curl clips.

Step 4:
  Gently brush hair out, so curls become soft, winding undulations.

Step 5:
  Create side part and tuck short side behind ear, using a pin if required. Allow the long 
side to fall over the ear, temple and eyebrow. If required, use pins to keep hair off the face.

Step 6:
 Finish with primp working spray for hold, texture and grip.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 We love this voluminous, wavy take on the bob. The flirty shape has an alluring peek-a-boo fringe,
and a disheveled sexiness that reminds us of Bridget Bardot. An asymmetrical outline is flattering for
almost any face, and the tousled finish is simple to style. This is a great cut to pair with chunky fall
sweaters and long, draped scarves. Click Style Notes for tips on achieving a similar look…

Step 1:
  Ask your stylist for a layered bob with a side swept fringe, soft ends, and internal
texturizing –– which will support the volume in the shape.

Step 2:
  At home, apply volume foam to roots of hair and protective thickening lotion to the mid-length
 and ends. Rough dry with your fingers, lifting at the roots for lots of volume.

Step 3:
 Apply a fine mist of primp working spray to the entire head. Using a one-inch curling iron, twist
large sections of the hair into spirals, alternating directions to achieve a more natural looking texture.

Step 4:
  Run your fingers through the curls from root to end to create separation. Take a dime-sized
 amount of texture paste and rub between your hands until it is warm. Scrunch into the hair from 
 the tips to add a rough, sexy finish.

Trend Report


After eight weeks of Resort collections, the Fall shows back in February and March feel almost like
ancient history to us, but with retailers unloading new shipments on a daily basis, late July is a fitting
time to hit refresh on the season's top trends. What to look for in stores now and on the streets when
the weather turns cooler: oversize outerwear, royal brocades, and head-to-toe leather looks worthy of
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo—OK, maybe at this point, we should say worthy of Anne
Hathaway's star turn as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012



New from Arrojo!

Copper & Peach

If you are looking for a single-toned, new fall hue this beautiful shade of peach-copper is right on
trend, and goes to show that reds don’t have to be in your face, bold and bright. And subtle colors
look great on a pale complexion. If you like the idea, but feel the tone isn’t the one for you, talk to
your colorist about other options in the red-brown range of colors –– it’s definitely a trend for fall.

Step 1:
 If hair is light, your colorist may be able to add a glaze that gives a peach-copper shade 
with lots of shine. For darker tresses, hair will need to be pre-lightened first, and then toned.

Step 2:
 Red color molecules are the fastest to fade, so preserve tone with a paraben free 
shampoo and conditioner, like shine luxe.

 Step 3:
 You can avoid color stripping by avoiding too much wet shampooing. Instead, dry clean 
your hair with refinish dry shampoo, so you only have to wet shampoo once or twice weekly.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Steal Alexa Chung's hair from FNO

Alexa Chung stepped out for Fashion’s Night Out wearing simple beach waves and a subtle ombre.
We love her understated style owing to the fact that it is uncomplicated yet pretty, and totally her
signature style. Click through for steps on how to create your own beach waves.

Step 1:
  Start with damp hair and towel dry. Apply styling whip, roots to ends.
Follow with styling creme, roots to ends. (If hair needs extra encouragement to wave 
and curl, substitute styling creme for curl enhancer.)

Step 2:
 Wrap two-to-three inch sections of hair around your fingers, creating tight, hand-held twists.
Blow-dry each hand-held twist up and down with the nozzle pointing down. 
Repeat all over for shape and style.

Step 3:
  Add texture, volume, and the gritty, lived-in beachy feel by pulsing refinish dry shampoo 
into the roots. Tousle and shake out.

A Quick Updo Anyone Can Do

Reminiscent of the classic ballerina bun and more work appropriate than a tutu, this topknot is a fun,
flattering and easy way to get hair up and out of the way. Adding a soft, disheveled braid brings
romantic femininity to the style. This look easily transitions from day to night, setting off a simple
tee, a dramatic neckline, or a statement piece of jewelry.

Step 1: 
Pull all of your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a rubber band. 
Use holding spray to smooth.

Step 2:
 Braid the ponytail loosely and finish with a rubber band. 
Fold over the front of the ponytail and secure the ends underneath with bobby pins.

Step 3:
 Use your fingers to pull apart the ponytail and finish with Refinish Dry Shampoo for 
a roughed-up, gritty texture.

Via: StyleNoted

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's all in the details

Enough said!

Honor Spring 2012

What better compliments an über-soft, frothy and feminine collection, at Honor, than multi-faceted
crystals tucked into a nest of braids?! Yes, please!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Get Younger Looking Hair

When it comes to preserving your youth, there are a few sure-bets: 

Eat well, wear SPF, exercise more regularly than you drink and take good care of your hair.

 While the last one might surprise you, studies show that having a thick, shiny mane is an indicator
 of being at your peak. And the reverse is true as well — hair that’s a bit worn out or damaged can add years to your look. 

Luckily, you can turn back the clock on your locks without lasers or injections. 
 From shampoos that eliminate toxins to vitamin-enhanced thickening treatments to color-reviving
masks, the latest anti-aging fixes will restore your hair to its past (and present) perfect condition.

Polish strands to a shine with Arrojo Shine Spray

Mend your ends with Moroccan Oil

Keep your color bright with Arrojo Color Save Shampoo and Conditioner


Style and protect at the same time with Arrojo Thermal Spray






It's Fashion Week!

Alright everyone, it's that time again! This year Instagram adds a new twist to fashion and we're
following every bit of it! Here are our favorites so far!