Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Drastic Short Hair Cut

Two nights ago Twitter went berserk as Miley Cyrus took to the medium to show the power of
transformation. “Tick-tock,” she teased, while sharing a picture of locks ready to be chopped.
Presently, the inevitable happened. The 19-year old siren posted a picture of her new platinum blonde
pixie undercut. No longer flush with the traditional features of feminine beauty, this is a dramatic
change for Miley. They’ll be many critics of the cut, but like Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, and
other leading celebs, this is a great way for her to radially change her image. The crop gives her a
punk-inspired edginess that we’ve never seen on her before, while the long top with shortness
underneath means she has a lot of freedom to play with shape, style, and texture. She can create a
side-sweeping bang, slick it all back, or go for a disheveled ‘undone’ look.

Step 1: To add smoothness and polish to this type of style, push hair cream through the shape and
blowdry with hands. Focus on a silken texture with sweeping bangs skimming over eyes.

Step 2: For a dramatic off-the-face look, comb hair front to back with hair gel. Create a slick, pulled
back style.

Step 3: Otherwise, ramp up the lived-in disheveled feel by finger-styling with cream wax. Focus on a
slept-in look with contrast, movement, separation.

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