Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bun fun

High bun hair styles can be very sleek and polished. They can also be messy and fun. Here are
instructions on how to create a high hair bun style. You can vary it a bit depending on if you want a
dressy hairstyle or one that's more laid-back and relaxed.

Instructions on how to do a high bun hair style:
 You'll need a few bobby pins depending on the length of your hair to hold your hair in place.
You'll also need holding spray for extra hold. Select a hair tie as well as a
stylish barrette to accent your bun. Don't forget to have your brush handy.

If you have medium to longer length hair, first you'll want to gather your hair at the top of
your head. Take your brush and gather your hair at the top of your head as though you were going to
make a ponytail. Bend over if your hair is long to help make sure your hair is all headed in the same
direction- above your head. Brush all of the hair upward. You can include the front of you hair if it is
long enough. If you have a bang, leave that section free and curl later.

Take your hair tie and wrap it around the base of the hair you've gathered creating a ponytail.
Now it's time for the bun. Spilt the hair from your pony into four sections. Wrap each section around
the base one at a time. You can either do this in a loose manner or a tighter manner. Bobby pin each
section after you've put it in place. Make sure the bobby pin can't be seen. You'll create a dome, bun
like effect on the top of your head.

After you've put each section in place, take your holding spray and spray it all over your head.
This is most appropriate for dressier hairstyles when you're going to need a lot of hold. Messier buns
don't need the hairspray because the point is for them to look a little messy.

After you've sprayed your high hair bun in place, take your accent barrette and place it at the base of
the high bun. You've just create a high bun hair style.

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