Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hair Coloring FAQs

Damaged hair is no fun, especially when you have annoying grays growing in and want to add some
color. But with the right care, you can still achieve beautiful tresses while preventing further damage
to them.

 Get a trim to remove split ends before applying color.
Trimming off the ends will help keep your hair healthier.

Hair mask:
 Apply a deep conditioning hair mask immediately before coloring. After letting it sit on your
 hair for the specified time, rinse it off and then apply the color right away.

Gentle color:
 Use a demi-permanent color application on your hair because it will be less damaging.
Once the damaged hair has grown out, you can move to a permanent application.

 Use an extra-hydrating conditioner regularly and deep conditioning treatments once a week to
restore damaged hair. Plus, a leave-in conditioner can give an extra moisture boost in hot weather or
for preventing further damage when styling.

 Try alternating weekly deep conditioning treatments with a protein treatment. Protein fills cracks in
the hair cuticle to make it smooth, which makes the hair stronger and shinier. But be careful not to
apply protein treatments more than once every 1 to 2 weeks, since it can make your hair feel brittle.

Color safe products:
 Always wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated hair. Color safe
products are gentle on hair and don’t strip out moisture like normal shampoos.

Don’t lighten:
 Avoid lightening hair by over one or two shades because lightening involves processes that cause
more damage to the cuticle.

Roots only:
 When possible, do a roots-only application rather than an allover application. Applying more color to
the previously colored sections will cause more damage to them.

Sun protection:
 Protect damaged hair from the sun’s UV rays, which can break the cuticle and cause more damage.
Before you go outside, apply a UV protective hairspray or wear a hat to cover your hair.

Avoid heat:
 After applying color to damaged hair, avoid using heated styling tools. The heat causes the cuticle to
break further and increases damage.

Wait to color:
 If you hair is extremely damaged, it’s best not to apply any color to it. Instead, wait for the damaged
section to grow out until you can color healthy hair.

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