Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Side Part And A Faux-Bob On Rachel Bilson

Want to try out a bob without committing to a cropped cut?

Rachel Bilson clearly has the solution, as she recently rocked a faux-bob on the red carpet. Her hair is
slicked back on one side, giving the illusion of a trendy side-shave, but it’s left loose on the other side
for a fun asymmetrical look. It’s pulled together in a loose bun in the back, but we love that it gives
the illusion of a bob.

Step: Towel dry hair to damp. Apply styling whip from roots to ends.

Step: Use a comb to create a deep side part, then blowdry hair with a paddle brush.

Step: On the side of the part , apply hair gel, and use the comb to slick it back behind the ears.

Step: Loosely gather the hair on the other side of the part, and pull it back behind the head.
Pull together both sides into a low, messy bun, and pin in place.

Step: Tug on the loose side to create a low swoop.
Randomly pull out a few strands of hair for a messy faux-bob.

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