Thursday, August 2, 2012

Studded Headband - Via Style Noted

We love ladylike looks as much as the next person, but there’s nothing better than an edgy hair
accessory to add some cool vibes to a simple hairstyle. This studded headband by M&J Trimming is
simple, chic, and it has just the right amount of edge to spice up your look. Keep reading to find out
how to make it yourself!

1. Starting in the middle of the ribbon, push a stud through.
The prongs should poke out on the other side.

2. Flip the ribbon over and push down the edges of the stud to hold it in.  We used
 our fingers, but some people prefer to use hard, flat objects (like a butter knife).

3. Add studs on either side of the first stud until they are covering about
 1/3 of the ribbon, in the middle. You should have extra ribbon
 on either side so you can tie the headband.

4. You’re all done! Simply tie the ends in a bow to secure it behind your head.

15 studs

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