Wednesday, August 15, 2012

11 Ways To Cut Down Morning Hairstyling Time

When you’re a woman on the go, you don’t have time to style your hair all morning.
Here’s a list of some easy shortcuts to make hairstyling a snap, especially when you’ve only got 5
minutes to get it done!

Easy volume
Before going to bed, spritz volumizing spray over wet hair, then wrap it into a loose bun at the top of
your head and secure it with bobby pins. Let it down in the morning and your hair will be full of
bouncy volume – no effort needed.

We recommend the Volume Foam by Arrojo

No-heat waves
Before bed, apply mousse to wet hair from roots to ends. Braid hair into two pigtails on either side of
your head, starting at the middle of the hair. In the morning, just unwind the braids and you’ll have
easy, beachy waves.

We recommend the Styling Whip from Arrojo

Preemptive frizz control
Before bed, apply leave-in conditioner to wet hair and comb it through the ends. Part your hair into
two pigtails, and then divide each side into three sections. Create a pin curl with each section by
starting at the roots and winding it around two fingers. Secure each pin curl to your scalp with a clip.
In the morning, just unclip and soften the curls, and you’ll have sleek locks.

 We recommend the Daily Conditioner or Frizz Control from Arrojo

Your hair will be much more manageable if it’s well-hydrated. Save yourself some time by using a
moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is prone to tangles, use a wide-tooth comb to
detangle it in the shower. Follow up with a leave-in conditioner if your hair is extra dry and hard to
We recommend the Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner from Arrojo

Treat coarse hair
 Make coarse hair easier to style by using a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse it and condition it
often. Extra conditioner will help restore moisture – which makes your hair more cooperative when
you’re styling it in a hurry.

We recommend the Gentle Shampoo from Arrojo

Limp hair booster
If you have fine, limp hair, getting the right haircut can eliminate styling time. A bob with
 defined edges gives your hair more volume and doesn’t require excessive maintenance, so it’s like having pre-styled hair!

Natural texture
A quick way to style your hair and go is by using a product that enhances your hair’s natural texture.
Apply a quick coat of texturizing spray or shine spray that will work with your hair, rather than
against it. Going with your natural texture will make styling a piece of cake.

We recommend the Shine Spray by Arrojo

Don’t overstyle
 Your hairstyle doesn’t need to be flawless. Try wrapping your hair into a quick, messy bun at the top
of your head and securing it with bobby pins. This look can be done in a snap but is still elegant.

Easy blowout
 Go to bed with wet hair pulled into a ponytail. In the morning, your hair should still be damp. Then,
blow dry your damp hair until it’s completely dry. It takes much less time than usual, but looks like a
perfect, voluminous blowout!

Quick flatiron
 Instead of spending time sectioning and straightening your whole head of hair with a flatiron, just
straighten the strands around your face. This will give you a polished look, without involving all the
time and work.

Sleek ponytail
 The ponytail is a standard last-minute hairstyle, but you can make yours look polished with a few
quick touches. First, start off with a deep side part. Then pull all your hair to the back, using a touch
of hairspray to keep it sleek. Secure the ponytail low and wrap an extra strand of hair around the
hairband – this is the trick for turning a common ponytail into a polished one!

We recommend the Holding Spray from Arrojo

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