Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top knots and ballerina buns

Top knots and ballerina buns are a mane stay among celebs this season and there's no sign this updo
is going anywhere, anytime soon. Here are the latest sightings of this star-worthy style, plus tips on
how to score it at home.

High Style

Miley Cyrus has since chopped off her bun, but we loved the look. Her towering 'do is pretty simple
to steal and it's the perfect style to complement a casual getup. Just pull your hair up into a high
ponytail so it lands between your hairline and your crown. Then, twist your hair gently until it starts
to coil around itself. Wrap it around your hair tie loosely to get a fuller shape, and secure it with two
to three bobby pins (the thicker your hair, the more bobby pins you'll need to keep your 'do from unwinding).

Flawless and Full

American Reunion actress, Dania Ramirez chose to go for a sleekly styled bun recently. Her thick hair
lends to a super-full top-knot that we're kind of obsessed with. If your bun isn't as thick as you'd like
it to be, clip in a hair weft (aka extension) underneath a layer of your hair in between the crown and
nape of your neck, but put it in upside down. That way when you go to pull it up into a ponytail the
clips that keep it in won't bulge out because they're being pulled in the opposite direction.

 Textured Top-Knot

AnnaLynne McCord's natural texture adds a cool element to this top knot, showing us not all buns
have to have a smooth finish. We also love how she left a few pieces out of the style to frame her
face. Don't have this hair texture naturally? Scrunch your hair with gel and blow it dry with a diffuser
before you sweep it back and up into a high bun. Then secure with bobby pins or wrap an elastic band
around the top-knot to keep it in place.

 Tossed Up and Tinted

Kelly Osborne's colorful 'do can be done in under a minute. Simply pull your hair up toward the
crown of your head, brushing out any kinks along the way. Then, twist your hair and twirl it around
itself—no hair elastic required. Finish with a bobby pin or two to secure your style.

Sleekly Styled

A top knot like Olivia Munn's requires a boar bristle brush and an elastic band. Smooth your strands
back toward your crown using the boar bristle brush, then twist your ponytail until it starts to coil
around itself. Finish the look by wrapping the hair tie around the bun to keep it from unraveling.

Simply Stunning

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks absolutely gorgeous wearing a high bun. Coveting her style? Do it
yourself by smoothing your strands with a boar bristle brush toward the crown of your head. After
you put your hair into a ponytail, twist the hair slightly and wrap it upward and around the elastic
band for a fuller-looking bun.


Unpolished and Pretty

To create Taylor Swift's slightly high bun, pull your hair back—using your hands instead of a brush to
achieve that unpolished look—until your hair is gathered just below your crown. Then, put your hair
in a ponytail and wrap your hair loosely around the elastic band in a way that it doesn't look entirely
perfect. Slide two bobby pins in an "X" formation (translation: slide one overtop of the other
diagonally) to secure the style.

Time-Saving Style

Not all top knots have to be professional-looking. We're into Jessica Alba's on-the-run easy updo that
can literally be done in five seconds. Simply use your fingers to rake your hair as if you're going to
put it into a ponytail. Then, wrap a hair elastic around your strands a few times without pulling your
hair the whole way through, so it leaves a small bun-like-looking loop.

Sky-High Hair

Here's how it works: Pull your hair through the center hole and slide The Wrap-Up down to the ends
of your hair. Then, roll your hair upward until you reach the ponytail. Bend both sides of The
Wrap-Up down and around, and then move your hair around to cover the ends of it.

Piled High and Polished

We love how Maria Menounos's bun resembles Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's Style. To get
her look, part your hair above the arch in your right eyebrow and sweep the hair along your hairline
to the left. Brush the right side of your hair back with a boar bristle brush to create a smooth finish,
and then gather your tresses into a pile on top of your crown. From there, loosely wind your hair
around itself and pin it into place with a few bobby pins.

Brazilian Blowout's

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Friday, January 25, 2013

One woman, four vibes.

To prove it take a look at the created the styles here.
One woman, four vibes.  

The Killer Job
You want a potential employer focused on you, not distracted by a frizzfest. Keep your style smooth,
and don’t go for anything crazy! Comb a frizz-taming cream through damp hair  before you blow-dry.
Rake hair off your face from the ears up, and secure just below the crown (a bit of teasing on top adds
glamour). A shine spray smooths the final look.

The Guy’s Attention
Full locks keep a guy’s eyes planted on you. Thick, bouncy hair is a sign of youth and good health,
and men are subconsciously drawn to those qualities because they signal fertility. But don’t use three
cans of hair spray to pump things up.  Guys are attracted to styles they can run their fingers through!
Just work mousse into damp hair before blow-drying. Use a large-barrel curling iron to create waves,
part hair down the middle to give the look a slight edge...and then start taking numbers.

The Shot at Fame
Whether you’re auditioning for a reality show or looking to talk up your new venture on the local
news, casting agents and producers say you need hair that dazzles. Shiny hair conveys energy.  For
the perfect effect, rub gel through damp hair. Blow-dry, then curl half-inch sections and pin them
against your scalp. Once the hair cools, let curls loose, then brush through them until they morph into
soft, light-catching waves. Finish with a hair spray that leaves a layer of high shine.

The Reputation as an It Girl
An It Girl gets other women to stare...and then follow her lead. Short hair is the boldest option, but if
you’re not ready to lose length, blunt-cut bangs produce a similarly strong effect. (Leave them a bit
longer on one end so you also can rock a side-swept look.) Keep the rest of your hair straight but
sultry by working a texturizing foam through dry strands before you flatiron.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Around and Around


Tips from MC Salon:

1. Using your round brush during a hair drying session is the perfect base for  creating soft curl and
volume.Although a round brush is useful in creating volume and curl, everything works better with a
little help. Incorporate a root-lifting spray into your routine. Apply onto wet hair before taking the
blow dryer to your locks.

2. As you blow dry, use your fingers or a comb to tousle your hair for added fullness.
When your hair is more damp than soaked, bring in the round brush to aid in the drying.

3. Secure the top 2/3 of your hair onto the top of your head. Use your round brush to sweep small
sections of the hair left out of the clip, and aim your dryer so the air is hitting your hair from above.
Roll the brush down the length of your hair from root to tip 4 or 5 times for each section.

4. For a flipped out look, place your brush on top of each hair section and aim your dryer so it is
blowing on the underside of your hair. Continue these steps throughout the rest of your hair,
 unclipping layers as you go, until your entire head is dry.

5. For a more dramatic curl, focus on wrapping each small section of your hair around your brush,
while blow drying from the top. 
Give each section a few short strokes before guiding your brush all the way from root to tip.
6. An unfortunate (but not necessary) side affect of blow drying can be frizz. Fight this hair-nemy by
using one of our Frizz Control Spray's for extra fly-away control.

7. Finish your styling off with some hairspray and you’re good to go!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Fringe/Bang

 So the number one question you may be asking is, if the fringe never really went away, how has it
changed for 2013? The answer is, it hasn’t really. It’s still best worn thick, blunt, and long (sweeping
the top of the eyes preferably).

 The Bob with Bangs:

When we talk about fringed bobs its easy to think of 1920s style cuts like the Louise Brooks. But
while 1920's fashion has been on and off the trend map, short sharp flapper cuts are not on top of the
list this year. Instead it’s about an adaptable bob cut that can be styled in any number of ways, from a
modern effortless look to a ’60's mod bob.

For 2013 the biggest trend for bangs is to pair them with a chin-length or shoulder-length bob.
Models like Karlie Kloss and Edie Campbell have already made the dramatic change to bobbed
hairstyles with bangs, with modern, slightly choppy and textured styles. 


Long Hair with Bangs:

This rather goes without saying: bangs are perfect for hair shoulder length or longer, particularly
when hair is naturally straight or with a slight wave. So while the bob is the most on-trend pairing for
a fringe in 2013, long hair with bangs is still a style to opt for if you don’t want to go for an all-over
shorter hairstyle.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Little Casual Coolness

 Undone Updos

At shows like Donna Karan, Vera Wang, ChloƩ and more, it looked as if the models might have left
the hair stations a bit too early—with strands only semi-fastened in place. Turns out, the effect was
entirely intentional. So whether you're pinning your hair up into a twist, pulling it into a bun, or
wrapping into a ponytail, there's something to be said for not making things too tidy. A little casual
coolness goes a long way this season.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Best Hairstyles Over 40

When it comes to short hairstyles over 40, there are the really short, pixie versions
all the way down to a to-the-chin bob or even a shag.

 So which of these haircut ideas is best for you?
The best hairstyles for short hair hair all have one thing in common: they are almost universally
flattering and wearable. That goes for looks like the bob, the pixie and the short shag.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Good Hair Day

It’s a flat out myth that you lose beauty as you age. 
But it’s not a myth that some women over 40 just start to let their hair go. Don’t do it!
 See what a new hair style did for Melissa --->

Wearing a hairstyle that’s in line with your natural type of beauty can automatically
 take 10 extra years off your face.

Our Tips:
• Don’t skimp on the hair products and tools you need for great style.
• Spend the 5 extra minutes it takes to really style your hair right, 
and you’ll look years younger every day.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hair Accessories


Topping It Off

Hair accessories have been dominating—and often stealing—the show for the third season running.
This time around, there were sporty neon bands slipped on the head (Fendi), brass sculpted branches
worn like a crown (Balenciaga), oversized fabric flowers tucked into ponytails (Rochas), pretty pearls
draped down the nape (Chanel) and impossibly chic beekeeper-inspired headpieces (Alexander
McQueen). Not feeling quite that bold? Look to the gorgeous printed scarves tied around the head
(Dolce & Gabbana, Marc by Marc), which give your off-duty look a chic spin.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Tousled Effect

Rock n' Roll Waves

Hairstylists took inspiration from nineties grunge backstage, giving hair a tousled effect that
suggested the hair wasn't really "done" at all, but left loose and flowing with a natural bend. In reality,
creating the look does require some effort. Try applying volumizing foam to damp hair and
rough-dried with your fingers, scrunching up the ends before twisting strands into a bun and misting
with aerosol hair powder for texture. After your hair has set, release the bun and spray with more
powder for a "cool-girl" look that is sexy and "uncomplicated."

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The "wet hair" trend


So Slick

Remember the "wet hair" trend from last spring? It’s back but worn in a less drenched
from-the-ocean way. At Carolina Herrera, Loewe and Rodarte, hair was slicked down into graphic
center and side parts around the crown. At Nina Ricci, dewy strands were raked into a shiny French
 twist while at Thakoon and Alberta Ferretti, glossy "goddess" waves abounded.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Take your pick

The New Low Pony

The modern ponytail was defined by two factors: it was positioned low, hovering just at or below the
nape, and ironed straight, which beautifully emphasized the length of the tail. From there, variations
came into play. At Michael Kors and Elie Saab, a wide hair band held strands in place while at Etro a
black ribbon provided an elegant touch. Over at Akris, strands were pulled forward to form a round
silhouette that framed the face, and at Elie Saab locks were subtly tucked behind the ears. As for
which style you think is most chic, take your pick.