Saturday, August 11, 2012

3 Hair Mistakes To Avoid

If you really care about your hair, you’ll pay attention to what the pros are saying. Here are three of
the most important “Don’ts” for taking care of your hair.

Thou shalt not over-condition!
When your hair feels dry in the heat or humidity, you may be tempted to double up on the
moisturizing products. But heavy moisturizing ingredients, especially those that contain oil, can make
your hair oilier and look dirty. They’ll also make your regular styling products less effective.Instead,
apply a half-dollar amount of conditioner midway down your hair. Work it through to the ends and
don’t massage it into your scalp. The scalp and roots are already coated with your natural oils, which
help to condition the hair. Also, go easy on the treatment oils, serums, and sprays, which can
contribute to build-up.

Thou shalt not overuse clarifying shampoo!
Clarifying shampoo can be a great treatment when you have build-up on your scalp from styling
products or chlorine. But since they are so tough on dirt, they’re also very harsh on your hair and strip
it of moisture. This will make your hair dry and frizzy. If you have colored hair, clarifying shampoo
will also strip away the color and cause it to fade.Instead, use a clarifying shampoo only once a
month. Your regular shampoo should be something more gentle and moisturizing.

Thou shalt not put wet hair into an elastic band!
 Wet hair is more fragile dry hair. It’s more susceptible to snags and breaks. It’s a good idea to use a
wide-toothed comb to detangle it, rather than a bristle brush. Pulling it into an elastic hair band can
cause further damage or break the hair shaft.Instead, use a soft headband or bobby pins to pull your
hair back from your face when it’s still wet.

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