Thursday, February 28, 2013

Multiple personality hair: How to deal when your hair is curly and straight at the same time.

There is a hair gray-area between curly and straight that many of us live in. And I’m not necessarily
talking about wavy hair. It is more a mix of curly, straight, and wavy hair growing out of different
parts of your head. This can be something you are born with, or your hair texture and wave pattern
can change due to hormones or certain illnesses and medications. It can be a challenging figuring out
what to do with mix-textured hair.

Lay down your weapons…

First thing, don’t fight your hair too hard. I think it is best to treat your multiple personality hair like it
is curly. Don’t shampoo too often. Make sure it is well moisturized and don’t mess with it too
much….Like after you have towel dried it and combed through it with your fingers, give it a good
scrunching and let it dry without messing with it at all.

As far as your cut and style….

What I have found is that hair with inconsistent wave/curl pattern does best with layers and some
bulk removing. When these two things are combined, they result in a general blending of textures and
freeing of bulky weight so that the curly parts are less poofy and the straight parts are more wavy.
This makes the hair appear more consistent throughout, and it happens to be great for low
maintenance styling.

In closing, be grateful that you get the best of all worlds in a weird way. Your hair has multiple
personalities. If your hair went to a party, it would be the most interesting one there.

I rarely feel sophisticated, but these Lauren Bacall–like waves change that fast. After setting my hair in rollers, I brush out the curls and apply styling cream for extra silky strands, then pin one side back. It's simple to create yet feels siren-chic. - See more at:

The Braided Brooch

"Krista's [Soriano, Articles Editor] style is more low-key so I wanted to do something that didn't distract from that," says Chen. "This braided brooch is easy-to-do yet glamorous and can be worn casual or dressy." Chen started by grabbing a small section of Soriano's hair, just behind her bangs and dividing it up into three strands.
- See more at:

Happy 1 Year MC Salon!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sexy Hair How-tos From Victoria's Secret Models


The unwritten formula for Victoria's Secret hair is that it must be shiny, wavy, thick, soft, and long.
The women aren't supposed to look like dolls. The appeal is that it's sexy but not impossible, and isn't
that the sexiest thing about it?


For hair to be full and bouncy, it has to be free of residue, conditioner softens hair, but it also weighs
it down. Shampooing last actually helps swell the hair shaft and create a messy texture.  Choose a
basic shampoo and conditioner for fine hair, since rich formulas that offer styling benefits are harder
to rinse off and leave the hair too soft to be voluminous. 


After blotting hair with a towel, spray your roots with about ten pumps of a light-hold spray, 
then add mousse—a lot of it. 


A big, round brush—as big as you can find—adds body from roots to ends. Pick one with gentle
natural bristles, which grip the hair so that you can pull it without damaging it while you blow-dry.


Forget about blowing your hair perfectly smooth: If you want sexy volume, you have to embrace a
little fluff. Remove the nozzle from your dryer, set it on high, then shake your fingers through your
hair with the barrel pointed downward.

When hair is 80 percent dry, use a round brush to pull it up and outward. With the nozzle back on,
hold the dryer perpendicular to the hair, moving the barrel in a sweeping motion. When you think
your hair is totally dry, it's probably not. So blow-dry it for another three minutes.  Heat protecting
spray is a MUST for this blowout!


They may seem old-fashioned, but Velcro rollers add extra lift after a blowout. 


Beachy waves don't just happen, even if you have naturally curly hair, use a one-inch 
curling iron for big, tousled waves.

Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Box Color

Check out this article we found by Erika Brown on 10 reasons why you shouldn't use box color!
She's a AMERICAN BOARD CERTIFIED HAIR COLORIST who gives tips, tutorials and product reviews on her website,
  We thought she said it best and wanted to share with you!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Style Noted

 Jason Wu called his Fall Ready-to-Wear designs his “most womanly, most grown-up” collection yet.
Moving away from his previous quirky style to an assertive perspective, Wu’s new looks were a great
mix of the hip and the feminine. The models donned achromatic tailored suits; emphasizing shoulders
and nipped waists, they felt bold and decisive and womanly. Purple doe eyes with muted lips and
cheeks added the hip, street tough twist. Yet it was the hair we found most interesting. Taking the
braiding trend to higher ground, Wu had hairstylist Odile Gilbert create “chic and elegant” updos
involving several interwoven sections and artsy interpretations of the chignon. Like the collection as a
whole, the new take on the entwine shows fashion and beauty moving swiftly towards a more
sophisticated direction. To make Wu’s concept yours, click Style Notes. 

Step: To make these bold looks, Wu used strong center-partings with the hair slicked down. The
textural and visual interest is created in the back. Unless profile is flawless, make your center-part
slightly off center, so as not to split face down the middle. Use hair gel to slick down the sides.

Step: In the back, start with French twists and Chignon buns and, once mastered, you can experiment
with different ways to place them, add an entwine or folded pattern.

Step: To do, prep hair with refinish dry shampoo for texture, volume, and grip. Brush hair to back,
and split into two sections for the twist. Now twist one side up to the occipital bone and use pins at
the bottom, middle, and top to hold this ‘seam’ in place. Grab the other section and bring it over the
‘seam.’ Use big hairpins to ‘sow’ the two sections together. For the chignon, make a ponytail in the
back and hold the base of the ponytail with one hand, then lift the tail straight up with the other.
Begin to coil it clockwise around the base. When you’ve made half of a circle, release the hand
holding the base and use it to hold the forming bun as you continue to coil the tail of the chignon.

Step: When comfortable with these techniques, try splitting into four woven sections or adding a
braid along the hairline. Keep it subtle and classy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 Hair Trends Revealed!

 We predict an increased demand for beautiful braids- whether it’s simple or intricate, for a wedding
or a walk in the park, braids will continue to be a well sought after hairstyle in 2013. Don’t think that
every braid has to be perfect; in fact, we think that the idea of the ‘messy braid’ is here to stay!

 Be on the lookout for an increased demand in fashion hair colors! This 2013 hair trend is what we
would call, “unnatural,” hair colors. We are not just talking a few pieces of bright hair on the ends or
face (that’s cool, too!), but look for all over fashion colors, especially pastels!

 Lookout! A hair color you’ll see a lot of in 2013 is the one we’ve spent decades in the salon industry
trying to cover up – GREY! Whether it’s a shimmery silver color or a matte gray, we think you’ll be
surprised to see a sharp increase of those demanding gray!

 This is a style we see continuing into 2013, as being a redhead certainly does turn heads! Look for all
types of red hair color demands, fashion reds, copper reds, fiery reds, and maybe a mixture of all
three! Overall, we are seeing a return to vintage style and trends of the 1930s, 60s, and more as we
further observe 2013 hair trends, colors, and styles.

 We said previously a return to vintage hairstyles is on the way, and we meant it! This look is elegant,
classic, and is making a strong trend upward. What’s even better? This look can be glammed up for a
beautiful wedding hair do or made casual with a headband or scarf! And personally, we’ve been
waiting for pin curls to make their comeback!

 Maybe your more on the conservative side, and not ready to be completely bold in 2013 – and that’s
okay, you can still try a new hair trend, like bangs! We think that the demand for bangs, both soft and
edgy, will continue to be on the rise.

While there will still be plenty of ladies growing out their locks to rock those highly soft after beach waves, but we predict a sharp increase in the amount of short hairstyles present in 2013. Whether it’s a hard rocker look like, Miley Cyrus, or a softer Michelle Williams/Ann Hathaway-type look!

 While voluptuous curls will no doubt still hold interest, we see another flashback to the late 60s,
early 70s upon us! Headbands already made their comeback, of course this long hair trend look was
to follow. Think long, sleek, sexy hair paired with a deep side part, middle part, or bangs!

 Ok, doll. We said it before, but we’ll say it again – Vintage hairstyles are in! This isn’t just limited to
a haircut, but those soft sandy hair colors are going to be requested countless times in 2013. Get ready
to start looking like natural beauties!

 Alright, most of us by now know of the popular hair color trend, Ombré. No matter how overdone
you feel this look is, we predict it is here to stay in 2013. With so many various options out there for
Ombré, this hair trend can still be fun and different!

This unisex hairstyle will continue to be all the rage in 2013 – men and women alike will be
demanding this in your salon’s chair as this is another hairstyle that will be making its comeback.
Look for different hair style modifications

Another 2013 hair trend that will remain popular from recent years are those enviable beach waves!
This hairstyle works for both short and long hair. Sizes of your wave can vary from large, loose curls
to tighter curls for a more polished take on the beach wave trend. In general, we are seeing an
increased demand for effortlessly wavy hair.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Loop Chignon

 Make three ponytails just above the nape of your neck, and spray the sections with hairspray. 
Then working from the outer ponytails in, make loops with small sections of hair and pin in place.