Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

Weather for Raleigh, NC

77°F | °C     

Light Rain
Wind: SW at 6 mph  
Humidity: 88%

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Question: What hairstyles work best in high humidity?

Answer: Ones that are low and twisted at the nape of the neck. "By twisting, you stretch the cuticles
so hair is smoother," says stylist Marcus Francis, who works with Bryce Dallas Howard. 

Try these three easy hot-weather options:

Charlize Theron
ROLL IT: Comb in in a smoothing blam. Starting at the base of the neck, roll your hair up into
 coils around the head, and secure them against the scalp with hairpins.

Zoe Saldana
WRAP IT: Make a low pony, then mist the tail with texturizing spray. Wrap loose strands around the
holder until it winds into a mess bun, and use hairpins to keep it wound up.

Bryce Dallas Howard
WEAVE IT: Defrizz strands with a finishing cream before making a braid at the nape of the neck.
Twist the plait around itself, then anchor it with hairpins.

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