Friday, August 10, 2012

6 Hair Myths Stylists Wish You Knew

Before you set down your grandma’s hair tips in stone, check out these myths that stylists have
debunked. It may just make the difference between greasy and gorgeous hair!

Myth: Frequent trims make hair grow faster.
 In fact, it’s the follicles on the scalp that determine how fast your hair grows. Trimming the ends
doesn’t affect the follicles or the overall growth. However, split ends can make your hair look thinner
and shorter at the ends – so when you trim them off it’s possible for the hair to appear longer.

Myth: If you use the same shampoo and conditioner for too long it will stop working.
 Actually, your hair doesn’t become resistant to shampoo and conditioner over time. Sometimes hair
products leave a build-up that can affect the way your hair cleansers work. Prevent this problem by
using a clarifying shampoo every couple of weeks to wipe out the residue.

Myth: If you have oily hair you shouldn’t wash it as often.
Actually, if you have oily hair, your scalp will always produce the same amount of oil regardless of
how often you wash it. That’s because increasing or decreasing shampooing doesn’t affect the oil
producing glands. On the other hand, when you don’t wash your hair, oil and dirt accumulate on your
scalp and can stunt hair growth.

Myth: Rinsing with cold water makes hair shiny.
Unfortunately, shiny hair isn’t as simple as that. Some people claim that cold water closes the hair
follicle and locks in moisture, but the truth is that the shaft of hair is made of dead cells that don’t
react to hot or cold. Instead, use a good conditioner to lock in moisture and increase shine.

Myth: Brush your hair 100 times a day to make it shiny.
This “secret” to shiny hair isn’t true either. The more you brush your hair, the more you cause friction
and cuticle damage that will just leave you with frizzy, dull hair. It’s best to use a wide-toothed comb
and start brushing out the ends first, then work your way up.

Myth: Your hair will always be the same texture.
The truth is that your hair’s texture will probably change over time. This can be caused by a variety
of factors, ranging from nutrition, stress, and your natural growth cycle. The scalp and root hairs on
your head are still living, so changes in your body can make your hair thinner, curlier, or lighter, among others.

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