Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Hair: A Guide For All Occasions

The holiday season is a time for parties, mingling with old friends, catching up with family, and
watching normally reserved coworkers on the loose. Every year around this time I find myself
searching for the perfect party dress, something festive, fun, and appropriate to all occasions. Each
year, however, I come to the same conclusion: no single ensemble is appropriate for dinner with my
parents, the bacon themed shindig my friends are throwing in Astoria, and the work Christmas party.
I’ve found the same thing holds true when it comes to holiday hairstyles. One look does not suit all
outfits or events. But choosing the right hair match for your festive ensembles is simple with a few
helpful hints.

Family Event: Perfect Ponytail 
Your family loves you but they don’t understand your more daring fashion choices. Whether you see
them every day or once a year, the holidays are a time to catch up, come together, and cause as little
drama as possible. Trendy and timeless, a bouncy ponytail is the perfect style for family gatherings.
Height at the crown and curled tips make the look special.  For lasting shape set hair with hot rollers
or a large barrel curling iron. Allow to cool and brush through with a natural bristle brush which
reduces static and enhances shine. Backcomb lightly at the crown, smooth out the top surface and pull
into a high ponytail. For the perfect placement, follow the line of the cheekbone in profile. Attach two
bobby pins to an elastic band. Slide one in at the top of the ponytail and use the other to wrap the
band around until no slack remains, then push the second pin into the base, securing the pony. Take a
thin strip of hair from the tail, wrap around the band, and pin into place. Add shine spray to ends and
spray the entire shape with holding spray. Add a bow or some sparkly pins for a celebratory feeling.

Office Party: High Bun 
Your work Christmas party is a time to shine. Play your cards right and this could be the event that
skyrockets your career. You’ll want to look polished and chic, and an extra high bun is the perfect
style to draw attention without looking showy.  A smooth finish and extra-high placement make this
common style look fresh and elegant.  Apply strong hold sculpting product like styling crème
throughout lengths and brush into a ponytail at the top of the head. Make sure to place the shape
above the crown so that it’s visible from the front; if it sits any lower you’ll look like a ballerina. Use
the bungee technique described above to secure the ponytail. Then twist the tail up and around the
base, securing with bobby pins. Finish with a mist of primp working spray and a few pumps of shine

Party With Friends: Vintage waves 
A get together with friends is a time to let down your hair and feel sexy and confident. A deep side
part and lustrous ripples will make you feel like a Hollywood starlet. Wearing hair down will soften a
revealing gown and the waves will lend a vintage feeling to any attire.
Start by curling hair with a mid-sized iron, pinning each curl at the base to create a strong set. When
all the curls have cooled, unclip and brush through to loosen. Create a side part and sculpt waves
around the face into an undulating “S” shape. Use long clips to hold waves in place and set with
holding spray. After a few minutes, remove the clips and the style is complete.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hair Color You'll Dye For This Season

Whether you have blonde hair, red hair, or brown hair, there are hot 
new colors  for every shade this winter. 

 Hair Like Honey

For a deeper blonde hair color, follow Nicole Richie's cues. She has a tiny shadow
at the root, which darkens her hue and makes it a deeper version of a blonde.

Buttery Blonde

If you're blonde but want to change it up and still feel, well, blonde, go for a color
that's light with buttery tones, like Blake Lively's.

 Strawberry Gold

If you're having trouble parting from your strawberry-colored strands, go just a hint deeper
than they were this summer. Add a golden red hue to your hair like Amy Adams is flaunting here.


Cinnamon-y Strands

Christina Hendricks has a red hair color everyone loves. It's fiery and vibrant yet
is still a deep red—it's perfect for fall.

Cool Chestnut

If you want to stick with being a brunette but want to mix up your look—or go a little
darker if you're a blonde—opt for a light chestnut brown, like Olivia Palermo's shade.

Brunette Bombshell

Rich, chocolate brown hair with golden strands woven in toward the ends give a
fresh twist on brunette hair color for fall.


Dark and Daring

If you're already a brunette but want a deeper version, go for a look like Kim Kardashian's.

Brown with Accents

If you want a deep brown hue with a reddish cast, similar to Michelle Trachtenberg's
hair color, then go for a shade that's part brown and part auburn.


Want our advice? Richen up your color and you'll be golden! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Great Holiday Looks

This party season, get experimental when it comes to colour. 
We love Taylor Swift's bold blue eye make-up. And her chic chignon, too. 

This season, we'll totally be playing copycat with Carla Delevingne's entire party look. 
We adore her sleek high ballet bun and soft bronze smoky eye make-up. She’s flawless.

 Slick hair back into a low side-parted style, add soft smoky eye make-up and finish with a
 slick of sugary-pink lipgloss. Et voila, you're Diane Kruger.

You can't go wrong with a full, smoky-eyed make-up look. And nobody does it better 
than Cheryl Cole... Take notes ladies. 

 Pin back shoulder-length curls behind your ears and apply mascara and a slick of lipgloss 
for a 20s-inspired beauty look. Emma Watson pulls it off perfectly.  

Want to add a few extra inches without tottering around in high heels this party season? 
Make like this Valentino model and opt for a super-sleek high bun. 

 Jenna Dewan is absolutely picture-perfect with an accessorised up-do, glowing skin,
long lashes and matte red lips. This look is more 'night on the town' than 'warm bubbly in 
the office' so save this statement style for a night on the town.

 Wet-look locks are perfect for party season. Add extra lashes and some sugar-pink
 lipgloss to channel Kim Kardashian. 

Quick-fix party hair trick: back-comb hair at the roots and gently smooth back 
into a messy bun at the nape of your neck.

 Keep skin fresh for an after-work party. Make like Millie Mackintosh by finishing with
 sugary-pink lipgloss and adding some extra volume at your roots.

 Wow! Be a party-season angel with a golden halo braid like Perrie Edwards.

Adding height at the roots of your up-do is a great going-out look. Finish with a sweep 
of warm bronzer and some nude lipgloss like Scarlett Johansson.

 Simple centre-parted curls and pretty pink lips make for the ideal party duo. 
Let Abigail Spencer be your guide.

 Awesome side-swept curls: this Versace style is all about the blow-dry.  

Be oh-so-pretty with a twisted down-do. Take the front two sections of your hair and
 twist back to meet at the back of your head. Let the rest of your hair fall into soft waves.

 Get twisted! Twist your locks back on either side of your head (without creating a parting) 
and secure into a bun at the nape of your neck. This pretty evening style was spotted 
on the runway at Valentino.

Add oodles of root lift to your loose up-do and leave a front section forward 
for a super-sexy finish like Amber Hearde. We love, love, love this look.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Ready Hair

Whoa! I literally gasped when I saw this fiery red side chignon! 
The instructions are all for you!  We think this look is stunning - even if you wore 
a black turtleneck and jeans, you'd be the most glamorous girl at the party.

 This fresh, easy style is as modern as it is timeless: Low-swept curls recall a classic 
chignon, while an asymmetrical silhouette lends a flirty vibe. Try it out!!


Step 1: Using a round brush, blow-dry hair smooth and straight, focusing on the top sections.


Step 2: Once dry, use a large-barrel curling iron to create waves from the ears down.


Step  3: Build height and volume at the crown by teasing hair gently with a fine-tooth comb.

Step 4: Gather hair into a low ponytail. Twist it along the nape of your neck, pinning as you go.

Step 5: Once you reach your ear, shape the remaining hair into curls, and pin them
back over the twist.

Step 6: Spritz strands in place. Try Sojourn Firm Hold Working Hairspray, $24

Step 7: To add texture, gently curl and scrunch the wispy ends with your fingertips.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sojourn Shampoo Volume

 Peter Anthony:

Brash, Bold, Outspoken, Controversial, and right on the money! The prodigal son of NY and clearly
an enigma in Florida, Peter Anthony has been an award-winning entrepreneur since he stepped into
the world of beauty and fashion at 19. Making big statements has never been hard for the current
CEO and Founder of the viral website, Peter Anthony has a knack for
spotting beauty trends and isolating corporate disasters.

"Your look is your brand, your brand determines your culture, your culture determines your success.”
shares the beauty Guru. With his salons performing over a million services he feels clear that a new
message is right in front of us, for those who dare to read between the lines and think out of the box.
Peter Anthony, contagious visionary.

 Peter Anthony Reviews Sojourn:

This is the energy behind Sojourn -

A professional product line based on positive chemistry, ecological integrity and some of the good
business practices that may have been lost in recent years. Like so many of the hairstylists we meet
on a daily basis our passion for the art and craft of hairstyling goes beyond the simple desire to earn a
living. It is an extension of the love we have for beauty and fashion, architecture and design, people
and nature. Sojourn, bringing beauty, health and wellness to all the people we serve.


What is Sojourn supposed to DO?

Sojourn Shampoo Volume is carefully formulated with a unique polymer to give hair maximum
volume, body and shine without opening the cuticle or fading colour. Whisper light, plant derived
emollients give added moisturizing protection to fine, dull, lifeless or colour-treated hair for a healthy
shine and exceptional volume that lasts all day.


How important is scent?

Unlike many companies Sojourn's approach even in scent is understated, light, fresh, clean all come
to mind when you place your nose to the bottle for initial experience. The scent opens up lightly as
we shampooed some clients during the review. It was never distracting.


How does the product feel when you use it?

The feeling was thick, similar to honey in texture, it felt great and did not run off your hand as it was
waiting to be applied. The shampoo lathered rather well but never over did it. If felt rich and a bit
luxurious as you would expect from a fine luxury item.


How does the packaging look and hold up?

Packaging was cool and looked great wherever we placed it. Clean lines and understated color it
never clashed with what we were doing or where it was placed. It feels great in your hands and is
easy to use, the large caps are quite secure and you will not worry about leaking when traveling.


We put it through the paces!

This product performed much like a moisturizing shampoo when we were applying it. It never
allowed the hair to get the dry feeling normally associated with many of the volume shampoos we
have worked with. Your hair felt great through the entire experience.

We noticed the shine was great during drying and after repeated use it increased. The volume was not
to pumped or contrived so do not expect "BIG" hair from Sojourn Shampoo Volume we do not
believe it was designed around that idea or for that market.

What the shampoo shared with us was that it was going to allow your style to hold ALL day and into
the night, it did just that. After a week our client reported that they loved the way their hair felt and
we did as well on the return. Overall I think Sojourn did a very good job and balanced their volume
and commitment to the integrity of the hair.


Peter Anthony and his friends share tricks of the trade!

We noticed this shampoo LOVED the cool rinse, we played with and without conditioner. We like
both but felt a bit better with. Although when setting hair for styling and session work we dropped the
conditioner. The hair still performed great and we felt it was just as shiny and responsive as we
We also never felt a reason to over use the product. It always found the right level of suds to make us
know it was doing its job and we were doing ours.


Products you will need to complete the experience:

The Sojourn Conditioner Volume is what the company recommends and as we tested the conditioner
it is a great match.


Peter Anthony shares his last thoughts on the product:

Overall I like the line and love the company. I think they are really well balanced between nature and
science, as well they seem to be very committed to finding the "right people" that share the same
values so using a Sojourn Salon will be congruent with the experience of the product.