Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quick Fixes

The maxim that you can never be too thin doesn't apply to hair.
Thinning hair is a concern for both men and women, who often equate losing
 their locks with losing their looks.

Don't worry, it's 2012 and you have options! 
Ever heard of the HairMax Laser Comb? Or how about Hair to Go? Forget the rugs that sat atop
heads like misplaced Chia Pets. The latest hairpieces are lighter in weight and more likely to be made
with real hair that matches your original texture! not ready for drastic measures? Me either!

Did you know that coloring you hair will make it look thicker?
Permanent color penetrates the hair cuticle, making every strand one-third thicker!


 Call today to book a color appointment! 919.239.4383

If color isn't an option, Nick Arrojo, of Arrojo also advises clients with thinning hair to use dry
shampoo to lengthen the time between regular shampooings.You won't need to wash your hair as
often, and the powder creates volume!

The Arrojo Dry Shampoo is available at Mark Christopher Salon, and has proved
to be this Summers hott hott item!

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