Sunday, October 28, 2012

Youthful Hair in 5 Easy Steps

A lot of people with thinning hair think, Well, now I have to do a lot to it to make it look better.   
So they get a perm, or they buy a special brush and give their hair a hundred strokes a
day. But none of that is worthwhile. 

Here are a few easy hair-care changes that you can begin today: 

 The less you handle your hair, the less damage you'll cause!
Rather than brushing hair a hundred strokes a day, aim for the opposite: Brush your hair as 
little as possible. And choose a brush with broad-based bristles — they don't snag hair. 

 Shampoo at the roots!
 Shampoo can actually damage the hair shaft, roughing up the cuticle!  Instead, gently rub 
shampoo into your scalp, work it into a lather, and, when you're ready to rinse, run it through 
the rest of your hair with your hands.

Condition after every wash!
This step makes locks nice and smooth. If you hair seems too oily after then just apply it only 
on your ends. In fact, conditioner doesn't have to go near the roots since they have enough of 
hair's natural conditioner.

Stick to a routine!
Caring for your hair isn't a one-shot deal.  With every wash, you need to repeat and use a 
daily or deep conditioner and a treatment or styling product.

Wear a hat in the sun!
The pigment in your hair helps stop UV damage by absorbing radiation. Your best defense against
the sun, which also fades hair color, is to cover up with a hat, scarf, or umbrella. But if that's not
possible, apply a leave-in conditioner with sun protection when hair is wet.

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