Friday, October 26, 2012

Meet Malena

 Malena Aleyanez, 49, Before

• Lives in Union City, NJ
• Thinks blondes have more fun

Her Problems
Malena isn't too mature for long hair, but overprocessing had left her locks straw-dry and
unmanageable. And the color was way too light, making her look pale.

Malena Aleyanez, 49, After

Why This Cut Works
  This sexy bob brings out her gorgeous bone structure. As for color, the beauty is in the contrast.

What You Can Do
Take a good look in the mirror. Does your hair color mimic your skin tone? If so, you may look
washed out, especially in the winter. Choose a base color that's at least two shades darker than your
skin tone, even if your hair is blond. If you crave a lighter look, go for highlights.

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