Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hair accessories aren't just for kindergartners

Hair accessories aren't just for kindergartners or the JV cheerleading squad anymore. In fact,
accessories are having a huge moment, showing up everywhere from runways to the red carpet, with
top models sporting barrettes and A-list stars wearing headbands to the Oscars. 

But when you're past your pompom days and not a celeb or a sunken-cheeked model, can you wear
hair accessories without looking like Shirley Temple?


The key is to wear the right hair accessory with the right  hairstyle. Need some inspiration -- but don’t
have the time to get sucked into Pinterest? We did the dirty work for you. Take a look at these
gorgeous Pinterest photos of the best hair accessories to wear when you're over the age of 30.


 Wrap a head scarf around a bun 

The best part about this accessory is that you already have it. Any silk or cotton scarf with a pretty
floral pattern will do for the warmer seasons, but go for a softer hue and subtle pattern for fall. Tie
your hair into a ponytail then, wrap your hair around the elastic, pinning it into a large bun 

Tie a ribbon at the end of a braid

When you think ribbon, do you have a cheerleading flashback? Us, too. But this picture is proof that
you can wear ribbons tastefully.  Using ribbon adds something playful to your hairstyle without going
over the top. You can do a French braid like this one, or braid just the upper half of your hair, tying
the ribbon at mid-length. 

Use a wide barrette on a ponytail

The barrette is the new fall hair accessory. And it's an easy way to punch up your basic
 go-to ponytail.

Wear two headbands with an updo

I love the idea of wearing two headbands! Place the two thin headbands a couple inches apart, and
tease your hair at the crown so that the bands are separated with volume. Also, avoid headbands that
are glittery or have rhinestones.  Go for chic but not girly, pull your hair into a high ponytail, twist
into a messy topknot, and pin in place. 

Accent the back of your hair with a bow pin

OK, so we admit most bows scream Minnie Mouse -- 
but they don't have to as long as you wear them discreetly.

Go retro with a bandana

A bandana worn as a headband reminds us of the "Rosie the Riveter" poster, but this version is less
factory girl and more fashion girl thanks to a modern twist.

Pin your hair to the side

Using multiple bobby pins is great because it's a simple way to accent your hair without trying too
hard. We recommend wearing your hair down and curling it in one-inch sections. Using a one-inch
curling iron, wrap your hair away from your face to create loose waves. Then use a few gold or silver
bobby pins to clip bangs out of the way, or create a small side twist from your off-center part.

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