Thursday, October 18, 2012

Heather Gray

 Gray hair isn’t just for the elderly. From silver tinged white to blue-tinted slate, smoky shades 
are a growing trend. This dappled version contains a range of ashy tones from powdery blue to 
dusky brown, swirling and scattering like clouds in a gathering storm. 
Long, softly layered tresses provide aflowing backdrop for the monochromatic look.  
Click through the style notes to see how to get your own shades of gray.
Step 1:
  As hair lightens it turns warmer, usually revealing gold and copper tones. To get a clear silvery
shade you must first go light. Ask your colorist for extra pale blonde highlights or a platinum ombre.

Step 2:
  Icy shades can be added all over or as an accent in small areas. 
A subtle hint of violet or blue keeps stony hues from looking geriatric.

Step 3:
  Cool tones tend to be less reflective, so smoothness and sparkle are extra important. 
Use shine luxe shampoo and conditioner and shine spray for a high sheen finish.

Via: StyleNoted

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