Monday, October 22, 2012

7 useful tips to get the best hairstyle over 40

No matter what book I read or course I follow on style and beauty especially for women over 40, they
all say the same. It’s crucial to have a haircut that suits you. It can make a huge difference to your
appearance. Here are some tips on how to get the best hairstyle over 40.

 Bangs are your friend 
I have always been a fan of bangs but as you get older they become even more important. Not only
can they hide your wrinkles but they can also cover up a receding hair line, a long forehead and also
bring a youthful appearance to your face.

 Colouring is your best friend too
Although you can choose to go grey, if you like to have a youthful appearance, then it’s usually better
to colour your hair. It’s critical of course that you select the right colour! As a general rule the older
you get, the lighter your hair usually becomes. Of course there are exceptions of women who look
smashing with dark hair, but most older women will look better going a tint lighter.

Make sure your hair moves!
If it’s all too stiff, it will look forced and a bit - old lady.

 Look after your hair! 
Older hair can get thinner and look dull. Make sure that you use some good hair conditioners 
and a mask on a regular basis to nurture your hair and make it shine!

Try something completely different
If your hair is thinning or you just want to try something completely new you could consider
 hair extensions or synthetic clip on's.

 Don’t part you hair in the middle
It looks more severe and highlights those parts of your face that are not symetrical. 
Part you hair to the side of your face that you like the most.

Find the best hair stylist and build a relationship 
Find a hair stylist with a strong opinion, someone that understands your personality and
someone who can give you ideas. It’s great to keep your hairstyle updated by changing it every now
and then so it doesn’t become stale. A good hair stylist will definitely help with that
- which is why Mark Christopher Salon is the best place for you. 
Our stylist work with you to help find the best style for you!


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