Saturday, October 27, 2012

Got your 1st Gray?

Don't pluck! While there's no truth to the old wives' tale (that pulling one hair will cause three to
sprout), removing those bad boys will not help in the end.

Gray is tricky: Wear it well, and you could be unforgettable. But play it wrong, and you risk looking
like a (great-) grandma. Despite the challenges, lots of women do go natural — and love it. 

Would you consider being one of them?

Judith, age 56: "Gray doesn't look great when it's too wild, so I blow mine straight every day."

Louise, age 45: "To keep my hair shiny, I follow shampoo with a cold water rinse."


Ruth, age 55: "A good cut goes a long way — people stop me on the street to compliment my hair."

Nancy, age 44: "I colored my hair long ago, but now I enjoy my gray — it's part of me."

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