Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Hair: A Guide For All Occasions

The holiday season is a time for parties, mingling with old friends, catching up with family, and
watching normally reserved coworkers on the loose. Every year around this time I find myself
searching for the perfect party dress, something festive, fun, and appropriate to all occasions. Each
year, however, I come to the same conclusion: no single ensemble is appropriate for dinner with my
parents, the bacon themed shindig my friends are throwing in Astoria, and the work Christmas party.
I’ve found the same thing holds true when it comes to holiday hairstyles. One look does not suit all
outfits or events. But choosing the right hair match for your festive ensembles is simple with a few
helpful hints.

Family Event: Perfect Ponytail 
Your family loves you but they don’t understand your more daring fashion choices. Whether you see
them every day or once a year, the holidays are a time to catch up, come together, and cause as little
drama as possible. Trendy and timeless, a bouncy ponytail is the perfect style for family gatherings.
Height at the crown and curled tips make the look special.  For lasting shape set hair with hot rollers
or a large barrel curling iron. Allow to cool and brush through with a natural bristle brush which
reduces static and enhances shine. Backcomb lightly at the crown, smooth out the top surface and pull
into a high ponytail. For the perfect placement, follow the line of the cheekbone in profile. Attach two
bobby pins to an elastic band. Slide one in at the top of the ponytail and use the other to wrap the
band around until no slack remains, then push the second pin into the base, securing the pony. Take a
thin strip of hair from the tail, wrap around the band, and pin into place. Add shine spray to ends and
spray the entire shape with holding spray. Add a bow or some sparkly pins for a celebratory feeling.

Office Party: High Bun 
Your work Christmas party is a time to shine. Play your cards right and this could be the event that
skyrockets your career. You’ll want to look polished and chic, and an extra high bun is the perfect
style to draw attention without looking showy.  A smooth finish and extra-high placement make this
common style look fresh and elegant.  Apply strong hold sculpting product like styling crème
throughout lengths and brush into a ponytail at the top of the head. Make sure to place the shape
above the crown so that it’s visible from the front; if it sits any lower you’ll look like a ballerina. Use
the bungee technique described above to secure the ponytail. Then twist the tail up and around the
base, securing with bobby pins. Finish with a mist of primp working spray and a few pumps of shine

Party With Friends: Vintage waves 
A get together with friends is a time to let down your hair and feel sexy and confident. A deep side
part and lustrous ripples will make you feel like a Hollywood starlet. Wearing hair down will soften a
revealing gown and the waves will lend a vintage feeling to any attire.
Start by curling hair with a mid-sized iron, pinning each curl at the base to create a strong set. When
all the curls have cooled, unclip and brush through to loosen. Create a side part and sculpt waves
around the face into an undulating “S” shape. Use long clips to hold waves in place and set with
holding spray. After a few minutes, remove the clips and the style is complete.

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