Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hair Color You'll Dye For This Season

Whether you have blonde hair, red hair, or brown hair, there are hot 
new colors  for every shade this winter. 

 Hair Like Honey

For a deeper blonde hair color, follow Nicole Richie's cues. She has a tiny shadow
at the root, which darkens her hue and makes it a deeper version of a blonde.

Buttery Blonde

If you're blonde but want to change it up and still feel, well, blonde, go for a color
that's light with buttery tones, like Blake Lively's.

 Strawberry Gold

If you're having trouble parting from your strawberry-colored strands, go just a hint deeper
than they were this summer. Add a golden red hue to your hair like Amy Adams is flaunting here.


Cinnamon-y Strands

Christina Hendricks has a red hair color everyone loves. It's fiery and vibrant yet
is still a deep red—it's perfect for fall.

Cool Chestnut

If you want to stick with being a brunette but want to mix up your look—or go a little
darker if you're a blonde—opt for a light chestnut brown, like Olivia Palermo's shade.

Brunette Bombshell

Rich, chocolate brown hair with golden strands woven in toward the ends give a
fresh twist on brunette hair color for fall.


Dark and Daring

If you're already a brunette but want a deeper version, go for a look like Kim Kardashian's.

Brown with Accents

If you want a deep brown hue with a reddish cast, similar to Michelle Trachtenberg's
hair color, then go for a shade that's part brown and part auburn.


Want our advice? Richen up your color and you'll be golden! 

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