Friday, November 16, 2012

Next Step: Hair

 Found the perfect dress? Check! Makeup done? Double check! And now for the finishing touch -
glamorous, celebrity hair - that's where our MC Salon experts come in.  Let us show you how to do it
yourself in the easy step by step guide:

Step 1: Use a curling iron to curl the ends of your hair.  
Take small sections at a time and curl the front away from the face.

Step 2: Back comb the crown to give it some height and blast it with hairspray.

Step 3: Pull back the crown of your hair, give it a little twist and secure.  Try to ditch 
that ordinary claw clip and use bobby pins to help make it look a little more polished.

Step 4: Once the pins have been placed and your hair feels secure, use 
your curling iron to curl the remaining ends of your hair.

Step 5: Use a wide tooth comb to separate the ends of the curls or keep 
them as they are - the choice is yours!

Done and done! This go-to-glam style is universally chic! 
The best part is that it frames the face and works with almost any face shape!

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