Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet Morgan

 Morgan Littlefield, 35, Before

• Lives in New York City
• Likes her hair, but wants a change
Her Problems
Morgan has naturally thick, wavy hair, but she wasn't taking advantage of it.  And by leaving it long
and unshaped, she wasn't doing anything to show off her pretty, youthful features. Lastly, this natural
blonde (who didn't previously color her hair) needed a little brightness.

Morgan Littlefield, 35, After

Why This Cut Works
Face-framing layers retain the look of longer hair without the limpness. The side-swept bangs
minimize Morgan's high forehead while playing up her baby blues. Streaks of buttery blond add extra

What You Can Do
If you don't have a specific cut in mind, tell the stylist what you don't want and let them make
suggestions. Just don't be pressured into trying anything that doesn't sound right.

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