Saturday, June 9, 2012

Three Major Lessons from a Major Hero

 How the late, great Vidal Sassoon Made our life (and looks) even better!!

You may know his name mainly from the bottle in your shower, but Vidal Sassoon transformed how 
he world saw women and hair.  Galmour beauty director Felicia Milewicz recalls her friend - a
onetime antifascist street fighter (really?!) - who died in May at 84 years old.  "He was a tough man,"
she says, "but he wore his heart on his sleeve.  Talking about our childhoods, I even saw him cry."  

What she learned:

1. Short hair's hot.
Just as the women's movement ignited, Sassoon cut Mia Farrow's
pixie.  "chic as LBD," says Milewicz.

2.  Don't be too trendy. 
"His looks were so timeless, we'd wear them today," say
3. Great hair is easy hair. 
His short cuts fell into place, and he created salon products
you could use at home. 

-Glamour Magazine beauty/special tribute

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