Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Snow White

Stay cool this summer with an icy shade of blonde.  
These white shades are becoming increasingly popular and add a more dramatic look to help you
stand out from the crowd. 

If you have naturally dark hair, keep in mind that your roots will grow in dark, so make sure your
committed to the hair color before you make the plunge.  If you’re not ready for all over color, jump
in slow by adding a few blonde pieces to the ends of your hair.  This will still give you that icy cool
color, but also incorporate the still, very popular, ombre look.

Women with cool skin tones generally look better in platinum colors than women with warm skin
tones.  There are many different shades of blonde, so don’t worry!  If platinum’s not for you,  you
have many other options when it comes to being blonde.  You may need several visits to the salon to
get the shade you're looking for. So be patient, take our advice, and move at the pace that one of our
colorists’ recommends.  If you go too light, too fast, your hair can get dry and damaged, which isn't
pretty regardless of your hair color.

If you want to stay on top of this summer trend, call Mark Christopher Salon today to find out how to
give your hair that icy twist and keep your style nice and crisp.


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