Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair how to: textured side braid

Textured Side Braid

It’s the cool girl’s go-to; the style that’s both easy to create and effortlessly stylish. You can wear it
as the icing to a grungy off-duty look, or as the chic accompaniment to a sporty tomboy getup. Either
way, it’s one to keep on hand as part of your 2012 hairstyle repertoire.

Here, Annika Bowen  shows how to create the perfect textured side braid that screams understated
cool, as part of Kelly Defina's shoot of fresh face Shauna Sieger.

STEP ONE: Prep hair by applying a volumising spray and then blasting with a hairdryer to create
texture and volume.

STEP TWO: Sweep the hair over to one side. We’re not going for a slick part here so keep it a little
messy and undefined.

STEP THREE: Pull the hair into three different sections to start the loose braid.

STEP FOUR: Start to braid the hair, adding sections into the braid loosely to keep a softness around
the face.

STEP FIVE: Continue to braid to the end of the hair, keeping width and looseness.

STEP 6:  For a nonchalantly messy look without any hair tie, wrap the hair around the bottom of the
plait and spray with hairspray. Then use a straightening iron to set it in place (this gives a more lived
in feel that works with the texture of the plait).
Tip: you can use your fingers to create more width and texture if desired. Spray with hairspray for
extra hold.

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