Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Short and Sweet

Looking at celebrities, fashionistas and influencers, it looks like there are two big trends for spring
and summer hair. Of course there is the tousled, disheveled elegance of the beach wave, as textured
hair makes its long-awaited return. But we are also seeing short hair make its comeback. We can
thank Michelle Williams, Rooney Mara, and Ginnifer Goodwin for the genesis, yet short hair is
where one can be most creative, so no need to copy their styles too much.

Instead, get your own expressive shape, like the one above. A freeform razor-cut, it is a short and
textured lived-in look boasting an almost kinetic feel. With heavy undercutting asymmetry, a textured
fringe that swooshes from one side to the other, the hair seems in perpetual motion.
Step: This style is pure ‘wash and wear.’ It’s all about using favorite products to attain your favorite

Step: Cocktail styling creme and texture paste in palms and ruffle through damp hair, roots to ends.
Creme will add fullness to the shape while paste gives the textural separation.

Step: For more contrast and movement –– and a low-glow matte finish –– switch to cream wax and
use it to tousle the shape.

Step: You can push the boundaries of shampooing with short hair. Leave hair without wet shampoo
for a few days and try Refinish dry shampoo instead. It cleans without water, adds grittiness, texture
and volume instantly.


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