Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Enjoy greater hair everyday -Nick Arrojo

With 30 years as a stylist, including stints working for the likes of Vidal Sassoon and Bumble &
Bumble before opening his own iconic Manhattan studio, Nick Arrojo knows the secrets to great hair.
Happily, he’s sharing his thoughts in weekly blog post for Style Noted. Today Nick looks at some
Golden Guidelines that he likes to share with all his clients. Continue reading for this rarified

I’m not into hard and fast beauty rules; life’s to short. That said, there are some guidelines that I
have found help all women enjoy greater hair everyday. Let’s take a look:

Create an Eye-Catching Face-Frame: It may be a cliche, but it is also true: Your eyes are the
windows to the soul. A hairstyle should be designed to complement them, so focus on a face-frame to
expose and highlight eyes. That’s where we communicate, and it’s where we have most shape – the
eyebrows, the cheekbones, the temples. Enhance these features with great hair.

Comb Out the Knots: Ladies with mid-length or long hair usually have a few tangles. Tangles make
styling harder, so it is important to comb them out. Start by combing through the final two-to-three
inches of your hair – the ends of your hair shaft – and comb through to the tips. Then work your way
back, combing through the next three inches or so, and continue like this until you reach your roots.

Bang On: I can’t stress enough the importance of great bangs. Get them cut wrong and eyes look
closer together, or you get weighed down with an old-fashioned look. Get them cut right and bangs
lift you up, frame the wonderful features of your face, and bring more attention to eyes. Be brave and
try gorgeous new bangs.

Clarity on Conditioner: I hear a lot of people say that you don’t need to condition nearly as often as
you shampoo. That’s wrong. Condition hair more often than you shampoo because conditioner is
what gives hair texture, moisture, and shine. Conditioner not only makes your hair look and feel
softer and smoother, it also calms your hair down, making it easier to shape and style.

Dry Shampoo: One of the best product innovations for years, dry shampoo is great for the modern
girl about town. It means you can wet shampoo less, and good dry shampoos also have styling and
texturizing benefits. I work with mine all the time. Use a dry shampoo to get instant texture and
volume, with a contemporary, gritty finish.

Nick Arrojo - via Style Noted

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