Friday, March 15, 2013

Flower Crown

Today we wanted to share this quick and easy method for creating a handmade floral crown.  They're
super cute and perfect for Spring, which can't come soon enough! Enjoy...

STEP 1:  Get your supplies! What you will need is a handful of selected silk flowers, wire
cutters/pliers, heavy rustic floral wire for the base, thin floral wire (green) to attach the flowers, and
floral tape or ribbon (both optional).

STEP 2:  Take your rustic floral wire and shape it into a circle that fits comfortably on your head.  I
would suggest making it a little loose because the flowers end up making it fit a bit 
snugger at the end.

STEP 3:  Begin arranging your flowers on the base and decide the general placement of the flowers
prior to attaching them.  Once decided, start from the back and begin working forward.  Take your
thin green floral wire and secure each flower into place by wrapping tightly around the base several
times (or until you feel like it is secure).

STEP 4:  For the larger flowers, there was not enough of a stem for me to securely attach it to the
crown, so I improvised, and first went underneath the bottom of the rose and tightly wrapped the wire
underneath the green base of the flower between the petals and the stem.  Make sure to cut the wire
long enough to be able to first wrap around the bottom of the flower as well as still wrap around the
crown afterward.

STEP 5:  Continue the process moving around to the front of the crown and to the opposite side. 
There is really no “right” way to arrange your flowers.  Just play with it until you feel like they lie the
way you like.

STEP 6:  You can choose to wrap your flowers around the entire circle of the crown, or, like I did,
only go 3/4 around the base.  If you decide to only go 3/4, you can finish it off by wrapping the back
with floral wire or ribbon.  I decided to leave mine as it was because I liked the natural look of it.

 Voila! You have yourself a flower crown!

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