Friday, January 25, 2013

One woman, four vibes.

To prove it take a look at the created the styles here.
One woman, four vibes.  

The Killer Job
You want a potential employer focused on you, not distracted by a frizzfest. Keep your style smooth,
and don’t go for anything crazy! Comb a frizz-taming cream through damp hair  before you blow-dry.
Rake hair off your face from the ears up, and secure just below the crown (a bit of teasing on top adds
glamour). A shine spray smooths the final look.

The Guy’s Attention
Full locks keep a guy’s eyes planted on you. Thick, bouncy hair is a sign of youth and good health,
and men are subconsciously drawn to those qualities because they signal fertility. But don’t use three
cans of hair spray to pump things up.  Guys are attracted to styles they can run their fingers through!
Just work mousse into damp hair before blow-drying. Use a large-barrel curling iron to create waves,
part hair down the middle to give the look a slight edge...and then start taking numbers.

The Shot at Fame
Whether you’re auditioning for a reality show or looking to talk up your new venture on the local
news, casting agents and producers say you need hair that dazzles. Shiny hair conveys energy.  For
the perfect effect, rub gel through damp hair. Blow-dry, then curl half-inch sections and pin them
against your scalp. Once the hair cools, let curls loose, then brush through them until they morph into
soft, light-catching waves. Finish with a hair spray that leaves a layer of high shine.

The Reputation as an It Girl
An It Girl gets other women to stare...and then follow her lead. Short hair is the boldest option, but if
you’re not ready to lose length, blunt-cut bangs produce a similarly strong effect. (Leave them a bit
longer on one end so you also can rock a side-swept look.) Keep the rest of your hair straight but
sultry by working a texturizing foam through dry strands before you flatiron.

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