Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Copper & Peach

If you are looking for a single-toned, new fall hue this beautiful shade of peach-copper is right on
trend, and goes to show that reds don’t have to be in your face, bold and bright. And subtle colors
look great on a pale complexion. If you like the idea, but feel the tone isn’t the one for you, talk to
your colorist about other options in the red-brown range of colors –– it’s definitely a trend for fall.

Step 1:
 If hair is light, your colorist may be able to add a glaze that gives a peach-copper shade 
with lots of shine. For darker tresses, hair will need to be pre-lightened first, and then toned.

Step 2:
 Red color molecules are the fastest to fade, so preserve tone with a paraben free 
shampoo and conditioner, like shine luxe.

 Step 3:
 You can avoid color stripping by avoiding too much wet shampooing. Instead, dry clean 
your hair with refinish dry shampoo, so you only have to wet shampoo once or twice weekly.

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